smoked ham mac n' cheese - pic by David G. on Yelp - Delivery from The Porch

Delivery from The Porch

Dallas has a restaurant scene, unlike any other. As soon as you settle into your new luxury apartment home at Alexan Lower Greenville, you have a little more work to do – finding your go-to restaurant. Whether you are entertaining guests or planning a killer date night, everyone needs that one spot that always “hits the spot.” But why not eat your cake and have it too? Get delivery from The Porch and enjoy it amidst plush luxury apartment features in your welcoming layout. You can always enjoy lunch outside with fun community amenities to keep your guests entertained for hours. When the sun goes, or the temps drop, you can enjoy more indoor amenities. Stop missing out on the lifestyle you have always wanted. Come home to Alexan Lower Greenville, luxury apartment...

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Livin' Easy at Alexan Lower Greenville

Livin’ Easy at Alexan Lower Greenville

Couldn’t you use a break every once in a while? Start livin’ easy at Alexan Lower Greenville and never look back. Settle into premium apartment features that keep you wrapped in comfort around the...

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Find the Relaxation You Deserve

Find the Relaxation You Deserve

Getting the lifestyle you want begins with finding the ideal luxury apartment home only at Alexan Lower Greenville. Find the relaxation you deserve with premium, luxury apartment amenities. Your downtime is about to get a major upgrade. It all starts with the right spacious floorplan. Feel good inviting your friends over to share in your good luck. Have some fun with the elegant indoor and...

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A7 one bed/one bath floorplan - Get the Lifestyle You Crave

Get the Lifestyle You Crave

Picking the right luxury apartment home at Alexan Lower Greenville is the right first step towards bliss. Get the lifestyle you crave with the A7 one bed/one bath. You will not be disappointed when you see what this Dallas luxury apartment home has to offer. Your downtime is about to get a big upgrade. Picture yourself relaxing in seven hundred ninety square feet of luxury apartment features....

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Dashi Tonkatsu Special - Hinodeya Ramen Bar near Alexan Lower Greenville

Hinodeya Ramen Bar near Alexan Lower Greenville

What will you try your first week in your new luxury apartment home? How about delivery from Hinodeya Ramen Bar near Alexan Lower Greenville. Tasty Ramen is the right delicious meal to have delivered as you settle...

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