Flexible Fitness at Our Dallas Apartment Community

No two bodies are identical, so by logic’s standing no two workouts should be the same, either. Here at Alexan Lower Greenville, we don’t force our residents into limited exercise options; instead, we offer a wide plethora of amenities and features you can use to improve your overall mental and physical health, so you can find the right groove and routine to best fit your needs and goals.

For starters, our gigantic two-leveled fitness center is the number one stop for any workout routine, whether you’re looking to break the habits of a couch potato or you’re already quite adept at leg day squats. We have some of the best cardio and strength training equipment available – such as treadmills, pulleys, free weights, and stair steppers – along with free space...

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Dallas Apartments Made for Company

Our best memories are made with loved ones around us: visiting your closest family during the holidays, going out for weekend adventures with your circle of friends, or even tying the knot with your significant other. This is why all our luxury apartments at Alexan Lower Greenville are made for company, thanks to the fun and relaxing amenities we put into each home.

First of all, each...

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one bedroom Dallas apartments

A23: Stellar One Bedroom Dallas Apartments

It never hurts to have a little extra: a second helping of a delicious entrée served at a banquet, a few seconds of overtime in a game to push your team to a well-deserved victory, or even a small raise for your...

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fresh flavors

Fresh Flavors and Ingredients in Dallas

Anyone that’s fond of cooking, baking, and dining is well aware of this rule: the fresher the ingredients, the better the overall dish will taste. However, it can be hard to find all the things that you need for your dish, whether you’re hunting for a protein that’s local to only Pacific coastlines or you need a spice that’s grown all the way in India. Thankfully, our luxury apartments...

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Dallas apartment community

Post-Summertime Relief in Our Dallas Apartment Community

Many people are already preparing for the height of autumn, eagerly awaiting the pumpkin spice additions to their morning coffee and pastries or grabbing their winter coats from storage. However, there are still...

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