A2 one bed/one bath luxury apartment home

Find Your Luxurious Sanctuary

Of all the things that make you happy, make sure luxury is at the top of the list. Find your luxurious sanctuary at Alexan Lower Greenville. Satisfy your craving for living well in these Dallas luxury apartment homes. Kick back and get comfy. Pick the right floorplan and make the most of your spacious layout. Feel the warmth of a beautiful and comfortable home and share your good life with your friends. Your best weekends start with community amenities you can share. Hang out on the 5th-floor clubroom, play tag in the pet park, or feel the burn in the fitness center. Make time to reconnect with your friends and have a good time. Features like these support your lifestyle, so feel free to be yourself all the time. Best of all, your neighborhood hosts tons of fun choices for a night out...

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Sublime Signature Souffles in Dallas

The souffles is perhaps one of the most pronounced dishes in French cuisine. The best ones are fluffy, rich, creamy, and send an explosion of delightful flavor with every bite, whether you’re looking to enjoy a savory or sweet one. While our luxury apartments at Alexan Lower Greenville may be a several thousand miles or so away from Paris, our great location in Dallas gives you the next best...

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A Dallas Apartment Community to Encourage Healthy Habits

It’s important that we continue to take care of our physical and mental well-being, whether it’s by taking a walk in the park every afternoon after work or engaging in your favorite hobbies to give your mind some...

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Modern Marvels Within Our Dallas Apartments

Today’s tech continues to improve on our quality of lives, whether it’s by aiding us with a little nugget of knowledge to get through our day or to let us complete our daily assignments at the office desk. Our...

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two-bedroom townhouse apartments

TH2: Terrific Two-Bedroom Townhouse Apartments in Dallas

A townhouse is an elevated apartment experience, literally and figuratively. Not only do you have more space to fit in all the comforts and essentials that you want, but the overall welcoming ambiance that all great...

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