Start Living Comfortably Again

Start Living Comfortably Again

Spending more time at home makes luxury a priority. Start living comfortably again at Alexan Lower Greenville, luxury apartment homes in Dallas, Texas. Let every hour you spend at home be in pure comfort. Start by finding the right floorplan for the life you want to live. Get all the bedrooms you need to be comfy. Every layout has plenty of room to stretch out in, so don’t worry about picking incorrectly. There are no wrong answers here. No matter which home you choose, each one has luxury apartment features that make your life more relaxed and comfortable. If being at home means you have more jobs to do than just relaxing, you will appreciate all the extra space. Community amenities also make your life simpler. Click away to your heart’s content; your packages are safe...

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A12: Serenity through Simplicity in Our One-Bedroom Dallas Apartments

Sometimes the best methods to relax and relieve stress are the easiest ones. If you’re tired, go to bed and get some rest; if you’re hungry, make yourself something to eat; if you’re burnt out from work, take a...

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Tabletop Gaming on Tap in Dallas

Video games have exploded in popularity since their invention back in the late 70’s. What was once only reserved for dedicated computer geeks who spent countless hours and quarters at the local arcade is now in virtually every household and on every smartphone. Here at Alexan Lower Greenville, we want all our luxury apartment residents to enjoy their gaming pastimes, either at home or in our...

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Weekend Whimsy in Our Dallas Luxury Apartment Community

There’s always a good reason to look forward to Saturday and Sunday every week: some free time to tackle errands you’ve been putting off for too long, to catch up on much-needed rest, or to gather your friends...

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Dallas Luxury Apartments Made for Nights In

Everyone’s heard about going out for the night, such as when you’re young and a wild spirit, constantly searching for the newest adventure with your friends at a nightclub, or perhaps even when you’re older and...

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