Game On at Alexan Lower Greenville

Game On at Alexan Lower Greenville

As attractive as binge-streaming the latest series could be, your downtime deserves more. Settle without settling at Alexan Lower Greenville, and elevate your luxury apartment home experience. Plug into new adulting experiences with welcoming community amenities for no-pressure socializing. Having a nice mingle at the end of the day takes tons of levels off your stress. These social spaces are also great creativity spaces; changing your scenery can change your mind and help your work. When you want to relax, you can wrap yourself in luxury apartment features. Comfort abounds in even the smallest detail. Relax, recharge, and refresh – your new home can get you ready for a night out. Lower Greenville is legendary for dining, bars, and live music. Every band you have ever heard...

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Apartment bathroom at Alexan Lower Greenville

Upscale Living in the Heart of Lower Greenville

Fiding the lifestyle you want means more than choosing how you want to live. Upscale living in the heart of Lower Greenville has remained a lifestyle goal of many for decades. Step into the vibrant buzz of the...

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Studio floor plan layout at Alexan Lower Greenville

Sublime Studio Living on Lower Greenville

When you think about the lifestyle you want to have, what kind of home do you want to host it? At Alexan Lower Greenville, you have the freedom to choose the right floorplan and layout for how you want to live. No...

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Pizza from Terilli's on Greenville

Terilli’s on Greenville

Fill your life with the unique flavors only luxury can offer. Like a delicious meal at Terilli’s on Greenville, you will discover an extraordinary experience at Alexan Lower Greenville. These luxury apartment homes are designed to cater to your comfort. Enjoy luxury apartment features that make your life easier and more beautiful. Multiple floorplans are available. Do you prefer a...

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Fitness studio at Alexan Lower Greenville

Flexible Fitness at Our Dallas Apartment Community

No two bodies are identical, so by logic’s standing no two workouts should be the same, either. Here at Alexan Lower Greenville, we don’t force our residents into limited exercise options; instead, we offer a...

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