Dine-In at Rapscallion

Burger, chips and pickles - Dine-In at Rapscallion - pic by Ivan O. on Yelp

Nothing compares to the excitement you feel finding a new home at Alexan Lower Greenville, luxury apartment homes in Dallas, Texas. Discover how fantastic stylish luxury apartment features make your life feel. Indulge yourself with soothing community amenities and make every weekend count. Settle into the vibrant rhythm of life in Dallas, and you will never be in for a dull moment. Lower Greenville is the place to be for cutting-edge restaurants and entertainment. Try dine-in at Rapscallion and see how delicious adventure-eating can be. Isn’t it time to start living the lifestyle you always dreamed of? Find your spot at Alexan Lower Greenville.


The second success of famous Dallas restauranteurs, Rapscallion, is as much an experience as it is a place for great food. In their own words, “Rapscallion is the second concept authored by Owners Chef Nathan Tate, Brooks Anderson, and Bradley Anderson. Following the success of their wildly popular “neo-bistro” Boulevardier, they were able to lay claim to a 2300 square foot restaurant space in the middle of the most electrifying entertainment district in Dallas, Lowest Greenville Avenue. With clean lines, muted colors, and specific attention paid to reducing interior noise, the focus of Rapscallion is on its creative menu and expansive, but certainly not expensive, offering of spirits, wines, and beers.” Intense!

Try dine-in at Rapscallion for your first meal once you make your move to Alexan Lower Greenville, luxury apartment homes in Dallas, Texas. Schedule your tour today!

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