Fresh Flavors and Ingredients in Dallas

Dallas local market near Apartment bathroom Alexan Lower Greenville

Anyone that’s fond of cooking, baking, and dining is well aware of this rule: the fresher the ingredients, the better the overall dish will taste. However, it can be hard to find all the things that you need for your dish, whether you’re hunting for a protein that’s local to only Pacific coastlines or you need a spice that’s grown all the way in India. Thankfully, our luxury apartments at Alexan Lower Greenville give you the chance to enjoy all of the world’s best and fresh flavors without the need to use up all your credit card miles.
Central Market is a Texas-based chain featuring a combination of fresh ingredients – some even straight from local farms – along with spices and treats that may otherwise be difficult to find in mainstream supermarkets and grocery stores. Every section of the store has no shortage of high-quality products, from the sharp and flavorful wheels in the Cheese area to fresh picked fruits and veggies you can serve right at the table or mix in your entrees for a fantastic meal, to the extensive wine and beer aisles to match your dinner with the right beverage. Central Market also offers cooking classes for those wanting to perfect their craft in the kitchen, along with a full catering service for any occasion, even weddings. Best of all, their closest location to our luxury apartments is only three miles away, a mere ten-minute drive.

Savor the best and fresh flavors right from your own kitchen at Alexan Lower Greenville. Explore the Dallas Central Market along with our luxury apartments for a delightful weekend shopping experience.

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