Terilli’s on Greenville

Pizza from Terilli's on Greenville

Fill your life with the unique flavors only luxury can offer. Like a delicious meal at Terilli’s on Greenville, you will discover an extraordinary experience at Alexan Lower Greenville. These luxury apartment homes are designed to cater to your comfort. Enjoy luxury apartment features that make your life easier and more beautiful. Multiple floorplans are available. Do you prefer a fast-paced studio or a one-bedroom perfect for long weekends? Find the ideal launchpad for your lifestyle right here. Reconnect with neighbors in welcoming community amenities that are also great getaway spaces. Easy going socializing makes weekends great. Take back your downtime with a long session of relaxation and great stories. Lower Greenville hosts some of the most creative dining and entertainment spots in Dallas. Live music and delicious food are all around you. Join your friends for a night out that is worth the wait for the bartender. Indulge yourself.

Terilli’s on Greenville

In Dallas’s restaurant scene, you occasionally find some repetition. How many ways can you cook a steak, seafood, pasta, veggies, or chicken? There are only so many ways to peel a banana. Discover something completely new at Terrili’s on Greenville. In their own words, “Terilli wanted to serve pizza, but decided against this…pizza was just too easy. She wanted something new and fresh. Bold but not frightening. Little did she know that she had created her own culinary masterpiece that launched Terilli’s to its current fame. In the past, Terilli sold so many nachos in her previous restaurant venture she decided to create an Italian Nacho. Which became a registered trademark today called the “Italchos.” The chips from the nachos are created from a secret recipe and made fresh daily in the restaurant, to give the dish its rich and unforgettable taste. Haven’t tried them? Get ready to be hooked.”

Discover originality at Terilli’s on Greenville and make your move to Alexan Lower Greenville luxury apartment homes – claim the lifestyle you deserve.

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