Wabi House in Dallas

Ramen from Wabi House in Dallas

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Delicious Pho’

The Ramen noodle scene in Dallas is to be envied. But the rise in popularity leads to Pho-neys, that didn’t do justice to an otherwise impressive dish. Prepare yourself for the revival of Pho’ with Wabi House in Dallas. Customers say it best like Grace P. “Wabi House made me believe in ramen again… for a while, I was ramen-ed out and tired of overly salty broth and limp noodles. Each ramen variety I’ve had at Wabi House has been incredibly delicious…The noodles they use in the Dry Garlic version are thicker and super chewy and serve as a perfect vehicle for their dashi butter. There’s a ton of chopped, roasted garlic on top of the noodles, as well as a poached egg (that needs to be stirred into the noodles), a thick slice of chashu, and slivers of green onions and cucumbers.” Treat yourself well. Try something delicious tonight.

Discover Wabi House in Dallas on your next night out. Make your move to Alexan Lower Greenville and see what you have been missing.

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